TWD – Baking with Julia – Rugelach

Things went pretty well with this recipe, however I ran into a few hiccups. I made the dough yesterday and put in the fridge to harden up. Then this afternoon I went back and rolled it out and put it back in the fridge for another three to four hours. I didn’t have any problems cutting it into slivers, but I did run into the same problem that many others have with the stuffing falling out. My solution was to wrap the dough in plastic wrap as I was rolling it. Then when I cut it, I just layered all the stuffing that fell off onto the tops of the cookies. Also, I wasn’t clear on which way to roll the dough. Julia says start with the long side. Originally on the first two rolls I  wasn’t thinking and rolled them up from short end to short end, then on the second after reading the recipe I did the opposite. I actually think that rolling them short end to short end, where you end up with a fatter roll worked better. Then I brushed the cookies with the egg white after cutting them while they were on the sheet and then sprinkled the cinnamon mixture over the top. Perhaps the biggest problem I encountered was that I ran out of parchment and didn’t think to spray the cookie sheets before cooking them. The result was that some of the cookies seemed almost cemented to the tray. It took a little extra time, but I got most of them off in one piece.

I wasn’t really feeling the apricot and dried fruit so I decided to use some homemade preserves. Strawberry jam and Cherry preserves jumped out at me from the pantry so thats what we went with and I added almonds that I chopped up in the food processor.

Above you can see the left over scraps from the rolled dough and the chopped almonds.

Strawberry and Cherry preserves used as a substitute for the apricot. Yum.

Final result. These were the fatter of the rolls I tried out. I think they were a bit prettier than the second batch that were smaller. Both tasted equally delicious.


If interested you may find the recipe listed on the weekly hosts website: My baking heart

Or you can buy the fantastic book: Baking with Julia


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