TWD: Hungarian Shortbread

As always I started this recipe today. I always read other bakers blogs and it seems that most bake the recipe earlier in the week. Being the procrastinator that I am, it has become a biweekly ritual be clamoring away in the kitchen late into the night with wonderful smells keeping me from sleeping soundly.


I was so excited to do this recipe as I have two Rhubarb plants that hit their three year anniversary this year. Meaning that this is the first year I have been able to really harvest from them. I have never cooked with it before, but figured I would find something to do with it and it seemed divinely inspired that it worked out for this recipe. I was incredibly surprised with how quickly it cooked down. My husband and I make jam quite often and I expected it to be along the same cooking time as apples or cherries, but the Rhubarb was ready fast. As far as vanilla beans all I had on hand were these Burbon Madagascar Vanilla beans that I ordered on accident awhile back, so I tried one of them. They certainly aren’t for the faint of heart, and have a really strongly distinct flavor, but with the Rhubarb it seemed to work really well.



One thing I have to admit is that my Rhubarb never turned red, just a very green color. Although it was beautiful I was a little worried about getting other people to eat it so….I dyed it red. My husband and I can’t have this entire pan sitting around all week and I figured I would take it to work, therefore I want it to be as appealing as possible so I have nothing left to bring back home.


The dough worked really well. I was amazed at how hard it got, although with four sticks of butter I can’t be too surprised. The grating process was as bizarre as I thought it would be when I read the recipe for the first time. I actually went out and bought a box grater for this, because all I had up until this point was my food processer and my hand held micro planer. I didn’t want to use the food processor attachment because I was afraid it would get too hot. In reality after trying to hand grate the first log of dough, I gave up and threw it through the grating attachment on the F.P. and it worked out incredibly well. I guess I will save the new grater for veggies. One other thing I would probably do differently is I would pat down the dough a bit more so it would hold together a little better. Mine seems to want to fall apart, but perhaps it is because it hasn’t completely cooled.

I didn’t see the post about baking the first layer until after I baked mine. It definitely seems a little soft underneath, but tasted wonderful so I can’t complain too much about the recipe. The only thing I would probably have to add is that it is very rich. I layered with LOTS of powdered sugar, I mean can you have too much powdered sugar? (After cutting my husband the first piece he said it looked like a funnel cake. haha)


5 thoughts on “TWD: Hungarian Shortbread

  1. I also do it the day before most of the times! Your green rhubarb jam looks great! I did quince jam and it didn´t turn reddish like it usually does, so I added pomegranate syrup to dye it too.

  2. I’m often doing the recipes for French Fridays on the day they’re due, so can relate to that. The only thing that saves me for this group is that I have to co-ordinate a time to get together with my nieces and mother to do the recipes. Your story of dyeing the filling is priceless!

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