TWD: Pecan Sticky Rolls

This one completely snuck up on me. As the end of the school year quickly approaches, things seem to be in fast forward. I love teaching, but the end of the year can’t come quick enough.

I actually used Brioche dough that I made a while ago hoping that although it was past the 1 month freeze date, it would still be good.  I can’t be completely sure, but I think I froze this dough in February. Things seemed to be working out well at thebeginning. I pulled it out of the freezer, put it in the fridge, and let it defrost for a few days. This afternoon, I went ahead and followed the steps of buttering the layers and folding the dough. It seemed to be the right consistency and I went ahead and rolled it up with the sugar pecan mixture and then froze it.

However, after pulling it from the freezer, cutting the log, and letting the rolls sit to rise the problems began. Our kitchen is always cool in the summers, even without the air on and it was definitely cool this afternoon. I gave the rolls around a three-hour chance to rise on their own and when they didn’t, I went ahead and placed them over the vent on the stove, hoping the heat from the warming oven would push them to rise. Unfortunately nothing really worked. They swelled a bit and began to touch one another, but never really puffed up. I finally gave up and put them in the oven where they swelled just a bit more, but otherwise still look about the same.

I am stuck wondering was the problem, the older dough, the cool climate of the kitchen, or was my pan too large and I simply could have alleviated this problem by using a smaller pan?

Also, after looking at the rolls, it looks like they are basically frying themselves in the butter layer at the bottom. Is that right or just a result of them not fully rising properly?

I am determined to get this one right, so will have to try this again when I have a little more time. Oh…and I also forgot to add the brown sugar on the last step. Not my best night.


7 thoughts on “TWD: Pecan Sticky Rolls

  1. I had similar issues with my sticky buns. I froze the rolled brioche logs for about a week before I baked them. It took over 24 hours for the dough to proof completely. I found the topping disappointing…my sauce separated and I had to pour a bunch of melted butter down the sink before I could flip the baked buns out of the cake pan. Definitely going to have to tweak this recipe further. Good luck on future attempts!

  2. I think it was probably just that you forgot the brown sugar because when mixed with the butter it became very sticky and caramel-y. Without it, they probably were just frying in the butter which I gotta say doesn’t sound bad to me. I would definitely still eat one. Don’t sweat this one – make them again for a treat for yourself this summer. And I have to say I’m jealous of your kitchen always staying cool – mine is too warm no matter what, even when we have the air on!

  3. I would agree that the absence of brown sugar on the pan probably accounted for most of the butter dripping problem. Even with it, I had a little separation, but not too much. How did they taste? I have underproofed many a yeast bread and we still eat them anyway–they’re just a little denser, but usually taste fine.

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