TWD: Blueberry Nectarine Pie

Love me some pie. Actually I think my favorite part here was making the filling, which was delicious. This alone would make a phenomenal preserve next year if cooked a little longer on the stove. Standing alone I felt the fruit was vibrant and equally beautiful, but I must say I agree with other bloggers who noted that the filling lost some of its individual notes when cooked in the shell. It was a more subtle flavor than I was expecting from the recipe.

I have a regular go to pie crust that was passed down from my grandmother…it also can be found in the Betty Crocker cookbook. šŸ™‚ BUT it isĀ versatileĀ and although a bit temperamental at times, it reminds me of her. For the longest time I refused to try any other crust because of my devotion to the superiority of this crust and it seemed somewhat treasonous to her memory. However over the last year I have started experimenting with different styles and types of crusts; butter crust, cream cheese crust, butter/shortening crust….and on and on. Some I really liked for the particular pie filling combo, some I found a little odd. I actually tried thisĀ recipeĀ last fall forĀ pumpkinĀ pie and was reasonably satisfied with it. With this filling I loved it. I thought it was light and crispy and equally buttery. The filling seemed to work perfectly.

The dough was incredibly sticky coming out of the mixer. I kept thinking that I must have put too much water or butter in. I think when I made this in the fall, I made it in the food processor, here I made it in theĀ kitchen aid. I can’t remember quite what it looked like coming out of the food processor, but in the mixer it was definitely loose. Either way, after a little light kneading with some flour, it came together easily and in the fridge it went. A few hours later it rolled out beautiful and here is where I am thankful that I have a stone countertop and a marble rolling pin. It makes all the difference.

I noticed quite a few bloggers discussed the runniness of the pie. Pie has never really lasted long enough around our home for this to be a concern. I am a firm believer that pie should be served warm and from the oven so it is a rarity when a pie is not soft and juicy and that’s the way this one was. Yum.

Overall a beautiful recipe, but I think next time I may add a little less lemon and perhaps even a little less sugar making the pie a bit more tart. Topped off with a bit of ice cream and ice tea it made for a wonderful ending to a long hot summer day.


3 thoughts on “TWD: Blueberry Nectarine Pie

  1. We added a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to ours and it made it just right. I like how this group has been stretching my idea of the “perfect” crust – there are so many variations to try and I’m learning a lot about how crusts complement the fillings we give them.

  2. So many lovely pictures!
    I’ve experimented with the dough, too, in order to reduce the fat… I’ve lost flakyness but the taste / texture were still good.

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