TWD: Whole Wheat Loaves

I can’t help but laugh about this. I got up yesterday morning, made sure our older son was ready for the day,  fed the baby and made sure he was content and then started on these. Not a hard recipe, but as I have mentioned before here, when making bread our kitchen is always pretty cool so rising times are always longer. I did notice that my dough was extremely sticky and I kept adding flour to them when kneading them…I am wondering if I put the full amount of flour in or if I missed a cup. Anyways I got through the first rise, then I set the loaves on the counter for awhile for the second one. Before I baked them, I thought I would go ahead and put them in the oven for a bit on the proof setting to see if I could get them to puff up anymore. They looked great and my husband was fixing dinner so I planned on going back and baking them when he was out of my way. Long story short, I completely forgot about them. I woke up to feed the baby at two this morning and realized my mistake. By the time I remembered the loaves were long past forgiveness. I sadly closed the oven door and left them to the fallen mess that they were. This morning I got up and went ahead and baked them thinking that if they were too dense for us, at least the chickens could partake.

I will make these again in a few days, but need a little more sleep and a little time to get over being so upset about this silly mistake. What a waste. Oh well.


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