TWD: Cranberry (or Cherry) Walnut Pumpkin Loaf

Knowing that this was going to take a lengthy amount of time to rise I actually started this ahead of time last night. Between the crying newborn and potty training our two year old I have learned to make the best use of any small amount of time to myself I get. My husband and I always wonder what we ever did with all of our extra time before we had children.

I was a little concerned that my bread didn’t rise properly last night, but it ended up rising more than I expected this afternoon. I only had two normal bread pans so I made one regular sized loaf and one that was a little smaller. Like many of the other bloggers I was not too excited about a yeast style pumpkin loaf, but I must say I am a total convert. I loved the delicate crust and the subtle sweet flavor was a wonderful surprise. I am going to try to make some rolls with this for Thanksgiving. Oh and I substituted dried cherries here because we didn’t have any cranberries.I would definitely make this again…perhaps as one large loaf.


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