TWD: Bagels

This was my first week back to school from maternity leave and boy was today a doozy. I prepped the dough for this on Sunday night thinking I would be ahead of the game, but I  realized this morning that I was very wrong. I teach part time and don’t go in to school until later in the day, so I thought I would be able to get these boiled and baked before I left. I did, but at the expense of my husband…leaving him with a screaming toddler and a screaming baby, while simultaneously juggling work calls and typing up emails. Immediately once I was done I took the baby in exchange for a warm buttered bagel and an ” I am SO sorry”. I think it all worked out.

I loved this recipe. I have always been intimidated by bagels and feel incredibly proud of myself for how well they turned out. They weren’t as hard to make as I thought, just time consuming.

3 thoughts on “TWD: Bagels

  1. Hi, hope you had a great “comeback” to school.
    Your bagels look wonderful. Hope next time you’ll be able to make them in a less stressful situation and enjoy every minutes of it.
    Great pictures!

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