TWD: Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

I couldn’t sleep last night. In the wake of the election and other things going on I just had too much to think about. Then by the time I finally fell asleep the little one woke. My husband got up really early to get to the polls before work and I ended up just giving up any attempt at sleep. I figured I might as well make use of the quiet time before the kids woke up for the day and made the Tuesdays With Dorie recipe for the day. Buttermilk Crumb Muffins.

Very easy recipe. Reading all of the posts I can totally appreciate and understand why many of the other bloggers tried to ‘low fat’ the recipe, but I went all out here. Actually instead of using regular shortening I used Butter Flavored Crisco. I thought they were just okay, my husband and son loved them.

On thing I did a little different is after topping half with the crumb topping I topped the other half with some cobbler topping. They were the ones on the left. A little different look, but not much different flavor.


If you want the full recipe, it can be found at this weeks hosts side: DownHomeDesserts



How can you really go wrong with brown sugar and butter flavored crisco?




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