Gingerbread Baby cakes

Baby Cakes for a new baby. One of my closest friends just had her second baby saturday, a 10 and a half pound baby boy. Oh my goodness I can’t even imagine. My two seven and a half pounders seem measly by comparison. šŸ™‚

I made these Sunday and took a few to her and her husband at the hospital along with some homemade caramels.


I will first start out by saying my dad LOVED these. I will second that by saying my husband did not. I was on the fence. I am still trying to lose my baby weight and have been choosing my calories very carefully, this was not something that I was willing to neglect my diet for. My dad thought this was a desert that would specifically appeal to an older generation, which he is probably right about.

I pretty much stuck to the recipe to the letter, however I didn’t have a full two cups of molasses so I used honey for half. I am wondering what these would be like, if they were entirely made from honey and no molasses or with maple syrup like someone else mentioned. I used jumbo and regular muffin tins here, set the oven to 300 degrees and cooked them for 30-35 minutes. Ended up just perfect.

These would probably be quite a bit better with the whipped cream or some type of icing on them to cut the intensity, but I just didn’t have the time to get that far. Overall this was just an ‘eh’.


4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Baby cakes

  1. Your cakes look great. That’s a really good shot of them. I think if I made them again, I would omit the molasses and try syrup or honey….to tone them down. I found them way too strong in flavour. Whip cream would definitely help to cut the intensity.

  2. Yeah, these cakes definitely needed something to cut their intensity. My husband thought they were good, but I thought they were just okay by themselves. Yours do look really cute though!

  3. These were great with ice cream…because yeah, the molasses flavor was a bit overwhelming. My husband who is a huge gingerbread fan thought he had died and gone to heaven. Yours look beautiful!

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