TWD: Finnish Pula

FINAL (1 of 1)

For some reason my media link is not working today so no photos for now. Pretty depressing actually because I was so proud of how well my loaf turned out. This was the first time I have ever braided a loaf and it looked beautiful. (Finally got it to work)

This was actually a really easy recipe to complete, minus the time for rising. Up until the last few years I was always hesitant about making my own bread because I didn’t really want to deal with the amount of time and energy put into the kneading and rising. I am learning however that if I use the kitchen-aid to knead the bread, the rising process isn’t that bad. It somewhat makes me stay in one place for awhile, which otherwise I am pretty bad at. My husband and I are constantly looking for something to do and never seem to be able to sit still for very long. Making bread at least tethers you to one location for a bit. Especially with this one only having two 45 minute rising times.

After last weeks heavy molasses cake, this was an unexpected surprise. I didn’t think I would really care much for this, but I did. I loved it…and so did my husband, and son.My husband said it may be the best homemade bread he has ever had…whoa. I have to say I have been much more impressed with the breads in this book than I have been with the last few recipes, i.e. the crumb muffins and molasses cake.

One thing I didn’t add was the Cardamom. I was going to…I fully intended to stop and get some today, but totally forgot. I laughed later when my husband, after tasting the bread and remarking on how well it turned out, said, “I was afraid you were going to add something weird to this, like orange zest or something.” Well it was Cardamom actually.

Can anyone tell me exactly what it added to their bread? Do you feel like I missed out here? Should I try it again with? I have it in my head that it has a licorice or anise flavor, I have no idea why I think that is what Cardamom tastes like, but I hate those flavorings.

So anyways for now that is it. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on with my site and post some pics up sooner than later.

If you would like to get the full recipe and a killer tutorial on how to make this recipe, you can find it here:


5 thoughts on “TWD: Finnish Pula

  1. I think this is my favorite new sweet bread dough. I found it to be extraordinary and there are so many flavorings to add to it. Cardamom has it´s own, kind of musky lemony flavor, and I love it. I think you should just add whatever you like, or nothing.
    Don´t make it with cardamom again unless you especially like it, that´s my advice. You made a gorgeous braid!

  2. We loved this bread too! It seems to be a versatile sweet dough that would go with a lot of flavourings. I had never used cardamom before this recipe. (I found the pods and crushed my own seeds) As a newbie to cardamom, I would definitely suggest your try it. It imparted a subtle sweet flavour to the bread. I fell in love with cardamom…truly.

  3. I’d recommend trying it with cardamom some time – the flavour is very subtle in this bread and the aroma is out of this world!

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