TWD: Boca Negra


This week was Boca Negra. I totally meant to do the one earlier this month on Focaccia bread, but being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t open up the book and look at the recipe until the day of and found that I needed at least 24 hrs. to let the dough rest. Oh well, a recipe for another week.

So, back to Boca Negra…this amazing chocolaty, spongy, delicious little dessert. Wow. I would like to say along with this, that I am not a huge chocolate person. I wasn’t looking forward to this because most of the times I can take it or leave it. Even fudge is pretty eh most of the time. BUT, this was killer. I wanted to stick my face into the plate and eat the whole thing piggy style, but I used some self restraint and managed to eat only one piece.  I loved it when it was warm, my husband liked it better when it was cold. Either way I am sold. Y-U-M. It is very spongy and dense at the same time and the crust is such a perfect slightly flaky addition. The topping is very sweet, but makes a good contrast against the density of the cake.

A few things I had to replace because I didn’t have time and I wasn’t in the mood to go to the store. So I didn’t have cream for the white chocolate topping and used half and half instead. We aren’t big cognac drinkers around here so I used vanilla for the topping and amaretto in the cake. Turned out excellent in both substitutions.


Make this cake. So good and tastes like a professional made it. Here’s the link to this weeks host if you decide to take my advice:

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