TWD: Madeleines

madelines cover

It’s Spring! Thank goodness, because I was reaching my wits end between the crazy weather and the dark overcast days. I will take warm rain over all of that. Spring means planting bulbs, tilling gardens, fresh asparagus, and baby chicks. We just got our new little guys last week and have been watching them grow and grow. I love this time of year. Everything seems to wake up and  feel refreshed, including myself. I have been in a little rut with posting and it probably all correlates with my seasonal affective disorder. I have been baking along with my TWD group, but have forgotten the last few Tuesday’s to write up my experience. Oh well, we all do the best we can right?

I have been looking forward to making these guys for months. My brother got me a madeleine pan for Christmas a while ago and I love the beautiful shell shape they form. This batter was the same batter that I used earlier for my Strawberry cake recipe. I totally failed when I made that, probably because I was very tentative about over mixing the batter and it resulted in a tough bottom layer of cake where the flour settled. I was worried that these would do the same, but the dough was perfectly consistent all the way through. They plumped up perfectly and the baking time was just right. However, I still am not sold on this specific recipe. It’s very much like a dense pound cake…not as light and airy as I was hoping.  I am going to make Dorie’s recipe from “Baking with Dorie” next and compare, she has an alternative recipe for infusing earl gray into them and I can’t wait to try it.


2 thoughts on “TWD: Madeleines

  1. The look good! I was hoping for more dense of a cake, whereas mine were spongy – almost to the point of rubbery. I may try another recipe one day. They are easy enough and oh so pretty.

    Note: Your link on the TWD LYL post is not working. I googled the name to get here.

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